‘Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom’ by Charles Beauclerk published for the first time in the UK


“Beauclerk’s learned, deep scholarship, compelling research, engaging style and convincing interpretation won me completely. He has made me view the whole Elizabethan world afresh. The plays glow with new life, exciting and real, infused with the soul of a man too long denied his inheritance.”

– Sir Derek Jacobi

“This is a book for anyone who loves Shakespeare. No matter who you think may have created the works of Shakespeare, the Earl of Oxford’s mysterious life, and that of his Queen, must be near the heart and source of the creation. Three cheers for Mr. Beauclerk’s daring to explore one of the most scandalous and potentially revolutionary theories about the authorship of these immortal works.”

– Mark Rylance

We are delighted to announce that Shakespeare’s Lost Kingdom by our co-founder and director Charles Beauclerk is published for the first time in the U.K. today by Thistle and is available to order from Amazon.

Please click here to order…


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