Living Books

A magic bookshelf of living books, each page hand-stitched and each cover hand-crafted to treasure, these are works you will not be able to find in print elsewhere.

(Pictured, strAngel – a collaboration between Sarah Davenport of The Shakespeare Academy and visionary and inspirational artist Alison Knox. The paper is recycled by the The Exotic Paper Company incorporating flowers, money and grasses and the leather is an offcut piece donated by Bill Amberg. Sarah makes the books with meticulous care by hand and then Alison adds the magical finishing touches)

Special editions of ‘Hello Stranger’ by Sarah Davenport
We publish fiction and non-fiction written and sometimes illustrated by us and our chosen friends and inspirations. Rather than providing pieces that have been pinched and pulled and watered down by editors and publishers to fit a mass market paradigm, we choose visionary writers producing original work that carries energy, life and the ability to engender further creative ideas—i.e. living books—and ask them to allow us to publish a story they have written and believe in and wish others to read. Each ‘living book’ delivers into your hands a pure, raw, unadulterated world straight from the imagination of the author.

image1(2)Special editions of ‘Percival’ by Charles Beauclerk

The experimental and creative approach to making each book (no two are the same) means that whilst they are rarely ‘perfect’ in the way of a commercially produced item they feel wonderful to hold and are built to last and to mature gracefully with love and use. Each is created to be its very own work of art.

Individual editions…

All living books are made from upcycled or found materials using recycled paper. Through the development of original volumes we hope to contribute positively (as part of a dynamic community of change-makers) to the work of discovering new and better ways to live in harmony with Nature.